ONLINE HANGEUL TRIAL - Korean Time 24th Jan Sunday - HANOK Korean Language School

ONLINE HANGEUL TRIAL - Korean Time 24th Jan Sunday

Fees $0 $0 per lesson per

  • Unable to read Korea alphabets.
  • If you can read Hangeul, do our online assessment.

What you will get

  • Read Korean Alphabets without help in 50 minutes.
  • Tips to learn Korean properly.
  • Experienced and Professional teacher.
  • Fun and Effective Class.


    • The trial lesson is about 50 minutes.
    Time (Check your own local timezone.)
    2 lessons on Korean Time 24th Jan Sunday
     24th Jan 1AM  24th Jan 12PM
    New York  23rd Jan 11AM  23rd Jan 10PM
    London  23rd Jan 4PM  24th Jan 3AM
    Singapore  24th Jan 12AM  24th Jan 11AM


    Class Size

    • 4 - 12 persons


    • HANOK reserves the right to postpone lessons (due to unforeseen circumstances such as the teacher falling ill).
    • Images/photographs/pictures of students are deemed property of HANOK and may be used for publicity purposes at its sole discretion.
    • Student’s contact information is used for information dissemination about the school and class. A written notice has to be given if the student do not wish to be contacted.
    • By registering for the class, the student accepts these terms and conditions.
    • HANOK reserves the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions stated.