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Fees $15 $49 per lesson per

Make Your Own Kimchi in Your Own Kitchen.

Online Kimchi Making Workshop

We are making the classic fermented cabbage kimchi 배추 김치.

This is a 90 minutes class conducted via ZOOM.

You can keep them in your refrigerator for months. We are organising a Kimchi class which you can take in the comfort of your own kitchen so you can taste your own kimchi you are making.

Make your kimchi with the KIMCHI kit together with the teacher. DIY kit contains 2 portions of kimchi, so you can get one friend to join you in your kitchen. 

You need to purchase some of the ingredients yourself. They are easily available in all good markets. We will send you pictures and the measurements after your have registered.

The total weight of the 2 portions of Kimchi will be at least 1.5kg.

You need to purchase and prepare the following ingredients yourself. Exact amount and details will be communicated after registration.

1. Carrot
2. White Radish
3. Red Chilli
4. Yellow Onion
5. Cooked White Rice 
6. Golden Pear

7. Spring Onion
8. Brown Sugar

9. Container for your Kimchi

IN YOUR KIMCHI KIT (Option to Self-Pickup or Delivery)

1. Salted Cabbage 
2. Korean Chilli Powder
3. Korean Fish Sauce
4. Plastic Gloves
5. Recipe

Pickup of KIMCHI KIT on Saturday morning before 2pm at Jurong East office.
Delivery of KIMCHI KIT between Friday to Saturday 2pm at additional $8.



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