Why we are going "live" online.

"Live" Online Classes

The #1 Problem for most students learning Korean is not about understanding the grammar or memorizing the vocabulary.

Our many years of classroom experience and interaction with students taught us, the teachers that the #1 difficulty for students learning outside Korea is....


We are bringing our fun and interactive classes online. Our online lessons are more than just watching online videos. We make it our life's work to make lessons interactive and effective.

Flexible Space -

You can attend lesson without traveling.

Group Learning -

Practice speaking with your peers, with the teacher's supervision.

Guided and Structured Learning  -

Recommendations to suitable materials.

Learn at Your Own Pace  -

You can choose to do more homework if you want. Highly Recommended for the self-motivated students!

Immediate Access -

Download the learning materials and start learning even even before the class starts.

Affordable Fees -

We're launching it at a great discount. ONLY $20 for one Trial lesson.