Trial Lesson Objective

Learn to read basic vowels and consonants of Hangeul.

Tips for Learning Hangeul

It is very important to read Hangeul well to learn the Korean language effectively. There are no short cuts but to memorize the pronunciation, the following may be helpful.

1. DO NOT ROMANIZE. The tendency is to spell out the sounds using Roman alphabet.

2. Romanization seems easy at first, but it becomes more confusing and slows you down.

3. Imagine yourselves as illiterate babies.^^ Identify the alphabets by their shapes and sounds. Listen to yourself as you pronounce the Hangeul alphabet.

4. Focus on the sounds with your ears and mouth, we understand you want to spell out the words in your head, but do not write them down. It will slow down your learning eventually.

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Useful Apps to Learn Hangeul

SNU LEI – Hangeul **Comprehensive & Fun**

Korean Pronunciation Trainer ** Simple & Straightforward**

HANOK Class Schedule

Lessons are held once a week.

1.5hours per lesson for a total of 10 lessons for BASIC level and 12 lessons for INTERMEDIATE and above levels.


1) Full-time students enjoy $10 off.
2) Register with your friend and each person enjoy $10 off.

HANOK Learning Philosophy

Here at HANOK, we believe the time spent in class is limited and very precious, so we try to make students learn as much as possible through lots of practice, especially in SPEAKING and LISTENING.

In actual lessons, home assignments are given to hone your reading and writing skills. This is how we target the 4 pillars of language learning.

We use mainly Korean language to teach and pepper with some English words. Don’t worry if you do not understand. Korean language is used to expose you to the “Korean sound”. We will make sure you understand the important points to take you forward.

HANOK is well-known to focus on immersing students in a Korean speaking and listening learning environment. It may be intimidating initially, but this has proven to be the most effective way to learn. Students from other schools have continued their learning here as we provide speaking and listening practice like nowhere else

Instructor’s Self-Introduction

“안녕하세요! Students call me Ms Wann or 완 선생님. We will be learning how to read the Korean alphabets together today.

I’m known to be a strict and scary teacher at HANOK~~ I am Singaporean and have been a Korean language learner myself. I have been teaching since 2003 even when my Korean sounded strange. Since then I have completed the master’s degree course in Korean Language and Literature so I hope I have more than improved. ㅋㅋ

As a learner myself, I understand the challenges our students face and want to use my knowledge and experience to help students learn in a fun and effective way.

The most difficult skill to acquire is speaking. Even if you understand the meaning of the vocabulary and grammar, the words are stuck in your brain because your mouth muscles are not used to shaping the words. So speak out and speak up! Don’t worry if you feel scared or nervous, you are normal! The crucial step is to overcome it. Fighting!^^ “