Step-by-Step guide for MyOnlineKorean login

To access the e-learning on MyOnlineKorean, you need to have an account.


1. Log in to your email. You will received a welcome email.

2. Click on "Click here to set your password."

3. Set up your password to complete the Signup process.

4. Access your Enrolled courses on your Dashboard. 


    Step-by-step Guide with images

    Step 1:

    • Log in to your email.
    • Create your own password via the welcome email.



      Step 2:

      • You may access the course on your Dashboard page.


         Step 3:

        • Log in your email, you will received another course enrolment email. 
        • Join our Quizlet classroom by clicking "Classroom here".


          Step 4:

          • Log in to your Quizlet account or Sign up for a new Quizlet account.

          Step 5:
          • After logging into Quizlet account, click "Request to join class".
          • Access will be granted within 24 hours.
          • Once access is granted, you may start learning with your course on MyOnlineKorean


              Troubleshooting when the flashcards do not appear:

              • Ensure you are logged in to your Quizlet account in the same browser on a different tab.
              • Check that you have access to our Quizlet classroom.
              • Refresh MyOnlineKorean and Quizlet page.
              • For more detailed guide, please click here.