1. ㅁㅇㅎ- ㅁㅇㅎㅎㅈ

Don't be sorry,

2. ㄴㄱ ㅊㄹㅎㅈㅈㅇ

that makes me more pitiful

3. ㅃㄱ ㅇㅃ ㅇㅅㄹ  

With your pretty red lips

4. ㅇㅅ ㄴㄹ ㅈㅇㄱ

Please hurry, kill me and go,

5. ㄴㄴ ㄱㅊㅇ

I'm all right 

6. ㅁㅈㅁㅇㄹ ㄴㄹ ㅂㄹㅂ

Look at me one last time 

7. ㅇㅁㄹㅈ ㅇㅇ ㅇㅇ

Smile like nothing's wrong

8. ㄴㄱ ㅂㄱ ㅅㅇㄸ

So when I miss you 

9.ㄱㅇㅎ ㅇㄱ

I can remember

10. ㄴㅇ ㅁㄹㅅㅇ ㅇㄱ ㄱㄹ ㅇㄱ 

So I can draw your face in my mind