Class Overview

HANOK Korean Language School has 4 levels of structured learning ranging from Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate to Advanced level.
Our classes focuses on getting students to speak Korean.
Class size is 6 - 10 students. Classes are held once a week, 1.5 hours per lesson. Home assignments focusing on reading and writing are given to support their learning.

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BASIC 1-5:
Already know how to read Hangeul? Join our BASIC 1.5 Class which is 2nd half of Basic 1. BASIC 1.5 class is suited for students who can read Hangeul but do not know how to form sentences. 
Take our assessment to help us find a suitable class for you here! $40 discount for BASIC 1.5 class when you pass the Hangeul assessment and qualify for the Basic 1.5 class.