Learn Korean online in 3 weeks with K-Drama!

Learn Korean from K-drama scripts! In this short 3 week course, we will focus on listening and speaking and learn new vocabulary and phrases that are hardly seen in textbooks and how grammar is used in real-life situations. 

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With a bright and cheerful personality, it may come as a surprise that Teacher Jo graduated with a Master’s Degree Bio-Engineering at KAIST....She is fluent in English and Japanese. Her interesting background allows her to enrich students’ learning experience – making her a dynamic and compelling Korean language instructor. She attained her Korean Language Teaching Certificate from Yonsei University.



Learn Korean grammars used in daily conversations with explanation and examples. Most importantly, have fun spotting these grammars in the K-drama scenes!


Learn useful vocabulary that is not commonly found in Korean textbooks. Each Online Drama Class comes with its own special Vocabulary list that students can use to memorise.

Script Roleplay

Practice what you've learned! The highlight of our Online Drama Class is the role-play session in each class. The role-play session can help you practice speaking where our Korean teacher can help to check your pronunciation. 


I really enjoy the class and Teacher Wann is very engaging in her teaching. Kudos!

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TY on Mar 18, 2021

I love this event. It helps to improve our Korean language skills and understands their culture~~:)

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Penelope on Apr 06, 2021

Sometimes I am amazed that I can speak more confidently impromptu as compared to when I started out and able to understand a little bit better when watching Korean drama. Looking forward to the day when i complete all levels at Hanok.

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Juliana on Mar 09, 2021


Learning Korean but not going anywhere?

Still unable to speak Korean fluently regardless of how much K-pop you’ve listened, or how many Korean dramas you’ve watched?

Not able to commit for long courses?

With our short 3 week course, you won't be bored at all! Along with your classmates and Korean teacher by your side to make your studying process interesting and fun.

Not suited for the typical classroom?

You want to learn Korean properly but prefer learning from non conventional ways instead of boring textbooks that make you lose motivation too quickly?

Not convenient to go for classes physically?

All our classes are online so you can learn anytime, anywhere! Regardless if you're away from home or simply prefer to stay indoors!

Certificates of Completion

All of our classes are provided Certificates of Completion upon finishing the class.

Online Drama Class - HANOK Korean Language School
Online Drama Class - HANOK Korean Language School

Online Drama Class


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Learn words and phrases that appear in your favourite Korean Drama. In this class, you will learn expressions used in the TV dramas and in more real-life scenarios. This class is focused on listening and speaking. As the class is conducted in Korean, it is recommended for students who already have basic Korean grammar knowledge.



Score 50% and above for our Intermediate Level Qualification test.



1. Learn and understand words used in a short scene.

2. Listening Comprehension of short scene

3. Discussion on how phrases and words used

4. Grammar and Vocabulary Practice through activities and role-play


Duration: 3 lessons 

Fee: S$100 (S$85 for HANOK students)

*HANOK students, kindly email us for the S$15 off discount code*

*Note: SkillsFuture Credit is not claimable for this class.*

3 Weeks Class Schedule

Week 1:
Learn essential daily Korean Grammar seen in K-Drama
Run through Vocabulary list
Learn the characters & actors
Introduction to the K-Drama

Week 2:
Revision of previous content
Build sentences with learnt Grammar and Vocabulary
Watch K-Drama scene and with script guidance
Choosing of roles and Role-play scenes
Q&A Session

Week 3:
Revision of previous content
Fill in script without guidance
Role-play of K-Drama scene
Fun quizzes to test what you've learnt


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