Kingdom Ep 4 - 아이콘이 친구를 사귀는 법

 킹덤 4회 - 아이콘이 친구를 사귀는 법 Listening Practice


Listen to iKON & ATEEZ become friends with their cute conversation on Kingdom Ep 4 in the above recording and try to fill in the blanks in the quizzes below!





Check your answers in the Korean & English script below:


Korean Script:

찬우: 이따 몇 시에 가세요?

성화: 저희 아마 끝나고 바로 갈 것 같아요.

진환: 컴백한지 몇 주 정도 됐어요? 지금...

우영: 첫 주차 끝나고 이제 2주 차예요.

홍중: 선배님들이랑 같이 컴백했어요. 

진환: 안무도 힘든데 이거를 어떻게 했어요? 두 개를

바비: 아까 4단 고음 하신 분이죠?

중호: 네 맞아요.

진환: 바비가 팬(이) 됐다고~

바비: 1등이에요. 진짜 이번에

윤호: 연습생 때 선배님보고 라이브 연습 많이 했어요.

우영: 저희 월평할 때 <지못미>하고 그랬어요.

바비: 언제 데뷔했어요?

우영: 18년도에 했어요.

바비: 꽤 됐네. 그렇구나… 힘들죠? 그럼 언제 쉬어요? 주말에도 음악방송 있잖아요.

훙중: 이번 활동 끝나면 휴가가 있어요.

바비: 휴가가 있어요? 숙소가 어디예요?

우영: 김포에 있어요.

홍중: 회사가 홍대인데

동혁: 그러면 진짜 가깝네?

우영: 저희 항상 숙소 갈 때 선배님 회사 지나가면서 가요.

바비: (회사가) 홍대 어디예요? 

우영: 저희 동교동에 있어요

바비: 동교동 어디요?

우영:  그 사거리에~ 은행 있고 ~~ 헬스장 있고 

동혁: (바비) 집이 그쪽이야

바비: 거기서 5분거리예요. 되게 신기하다 

동혁: 동네 주민이었네

산: 놀러 오세요

바비: 갈게요. 갈게요.

동혁: 시간 나면은 밥이라도 한 끼 하면 좋겠다

우영: 번호 따가겠습니다. 선배님

동혁: 좋아요. 좋아요. 번호 주세요.


English Script


Chanwoo: What time are you going off later? 

Sunghwa: We will most probably leave right after we are done. 

Jinhwan: About how many weeks has it been since you cameback? 

Wooyoung: The 1st week just ended, we’re on our 2nd week now. 

Hongjoong: We cameback together with you(seniors). 

Jinhwan: Your choreography is hard enough, how did you manage to pull off this stage performance too? Two stages. 

Bobby: You were the one who did the 4-octave high note just now right?

Jongho: Yes that’s right 

Jinhwan: Bobby said he became a fan~ 

Bobby: You’ll really get #1 place this time. 

Yoonho: We practiced our live (singing) a lot while watching you seniors back when we were trainees. 

Wooyoung: We used to do 지못미 (Apology) as our monthly evaluation test. 

Bobby: When did you debut? 

Wooyoung: We debuted in 2018. 

Bobby: It’s been some time then. I see….It’s tough right? When do you get rest? You also have music shows on the weekends right. 

Hongjoong: We will have a break/holiday after this (album) promotion. 

Bobby: You have breaks? Where is your dorm? 

Wooyoung: It’s in Gimpo. 

Hongjoong: Our company is in Hongdae though. 

Donghyuk: Then it’s really near (to us)? 

Wooyoung: We always pass by your(senior)’s company when we go to our dorm.

Bobby: Where (is your company) in Hongdae? 

Wooyoung: We are at Dong-gyeo-Dong. 

Bobby: Where (exactly) in Dong-gyeo-Dong? 

Wooyoung:  It’s at that crossroad~ with the bank~ and gym~ 

Donghyuk: It’s Bobby’s house area~ (Bobby) 

Bobby: It’s (my house) 5 minutes away. That’s amazing 

Donghyuk: (They are) your neighbours! 

San: Come and visit (play)~ 

Bobby: I’ll go, i’ll go! 

Donghyuk: If we have time, it would be great to have a meal together

Wooyoung: I’ll retrieve your phone number, senior. 

Donghyuk: Sure, sure. Give me your number.