Acquire life-long skills and enrich your journey.

Learning Korean Language and Kimchi making classes in a 100-year-old Korean Traditional Hanok House.

These houses are unique to Jeju, as they are built from volcanic stones created when Hallasan erupted more than a thousand years ago.

This 3-hour program has 2 parts.

  1. Learn Korean language for practical use.
  2. Kimchi and Kimbap making.


  • Please inform us if you have prior knowledge of Korean for a personalized course. Learning how to read Hangeul is the standard offering. .
  • Made kimchi and kimbap will be consumed or taken by participants.

After the Program

We recommend participants to join this program early in their Jeju trip to practice what you have learned.

Around HANOK, you can take a picturesque walk and enjoy a cuppa at the nearby Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road.

Booking must be made in advance.