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May Trial Classes:
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Hello! 안녕하세요 완 선생님 입니다!

Teacher Wann is the principal and the founder of HANOK. Having amassed a wealth of experience from learning and teaching Korean for over a decade, she leads our team of native Korean teachers at HANOK, each one of who was carefully selected....Even in Korea, she taught extensively, helping foreigners learn the language based on her own learning experience. She believes that speaking and listening should be the focus of Korean Language Learning in the classroom, with reading and writing being the emphasis of at home practice.

Basic Korean Alphabets
Learn the basic Korean Alphabets, its vowels and consonants. With 19 consonants (자음) and 21 vowels (모음) used in the Korean alphabet, you will need to learn this before learning anything in Korean. Our trial class is the best place to start you on your journey!
The most important part of learning Hangeul is its pronouncation. Here in HANOK, we know that when learning Korean, reading, writing, listening is essential but most importantly, SPEAKING! Our classes are taught in pure Korean and do NOT use romanization! Come and learn the real way of speaking Korean!
Speaking Practice
With our classes focused on speaking, every student gets their chance to practice what they've learnt! By speaking, you can absorb and learn quicker, and our Korean teacher will be there to help check on your pronunciation. You should be able to read Korean words easily after just 50 mins of class!

I love the class

Personally I really liked the class, it was amazing. The material is good, the teacher is also very good, she's doing a very good job and also I like her teaching methods. I hope from this class I can expand my knowledge again and I hope that there will be more free classes in the future. I wish HANOK for the best, hope HANOK can be more successful. Thankyouu :)



Hangeul Trial Student

Enjoy Korean Language with HANOK!

I enjoyed the Trial Class. I learned a lot. The last time I studied Korean with a teacher was in last Summer 2019. 완 선생님 is a very excellent teacher. She ensures that her students are engaging and interacting in the class. My takeaways from this class are the tips on how to improve my Korean...thank you very much for opening this kind of opportunity to us especially to all the foreigners. You'll enjoy learning Korean with Hanok. I wish you all the best because you deserve it! Fighting!^^~ P.S. This is the opportunity you shouldn't miss.


Ma. Kathleen Adona

Hangeul Trial Student

Love it💖

I enjoyed the trial class. I usually learned it online and it was hard as I don't have a teacher to correct me. I struggled making sentences and learning grammar. Thankfully through this trial class, I was able to learn them. 완짱 쌤 is friendly and nice. She encourages us to speak more as it is the only time where we can speak Korean and learn. She corrects our pronunciation when we speak. Truly recommend this class. :)



Hangeul Trial Student

Why learn Korean with HANOK?

Learning Korean but not going anywhere?

Still unable to speak Korean fluently regardless of how much K-pop you’ve listened, or how many Korean dramas you’ve watched?

Find yourself relearning Korean every few months despite learning for years?

That might be because most online learning does not help you SPEAK Korean, or you might be learning Korean without knowing Hangeul (Basic Alphabets). Even if you do learn, you never know if you got the pronunciation right or not! Our trial class focused on speaking can help you learn, read, write, speak and memorise vowels and consonants quickly! And our team of experienced certified teachers will always be there to help correct your pronunciation!

Prefer to learn for FREE?

With our Hangeul Trial Class being completely FREE, you need not worry on affordability. We know everyone learns differently so our trial class is a good way to sense out if online learning, or even Korean is for you. If you liked our lessons, just thank us by leaving a review or tagging us on Instagram @HANOKKoreanClass!^^

Not convenient to go for classes physically?

All our classes are online so you can learn anytime, anywhere! Regardless if you are not physcially near a Korean school, or simply prefer to stay indoors, attend our classes with a click of a button  and have all your learning materials sent to you beforehand.

Learn Hangeul easily with this FREE Hangeul Trial Class!



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