HANOK Culture Class - Hwatu

Do 예습 so you won't feel too lost in class! ^^

There are 48 flower cards. Imagine them like members of 12 different K-pop groups with 4 members each. And each card has their own special "power" or "talent".

  • The 12 groups are named according to the 12 months.
  • The 5 powers are: 1.광    2.열끗    3.띠     4.피    5.상피

Before class, practice Step 1 & 2 as much as possible to outplay your classmates!^^


Steps to learn 화투.

1. Identify the 4 cards that belong together. *IMPORTANT FOUNDATION*

2. Identify the power each card has to score points. *IMPORTANT* 

3. Learn the points. *in class*  

4. Play the game to capture cards. *in class* 

5. Learn strategies after you are familiar with Step 1-4.

6. Learn the Korean technical terms.

Step 1a. Identify which 4 cards belong together. Not important to know the sequence and name of the groups.

Download the PDF here.

HANOK Korean language Culture class hwatu 화투


Step 1b. Practice 1.

(Click "arrows" on bottom right to expand screen.)

Step 1b. Practice 2.

(Click "arrows" on bottom right to expand screen.)



Step 2. Identify the "power" each card has to so you can gain points.

5 “Power” Types:

  1. Bright 광 光. 

  2. Animal 열끗. Some cards don't depict animals!

  3. Ribbon 띠.  Cards have with either a blue or red ribbon

  4. Junk 피. Normal Cards

  5. Double Junk 쌍피.  Special Normal Cards 


1. Bright 광 光 are in the month of January, March, August, November and December.


2. Animal 열끗 are found in all months except January, March and November. May and September 열끗 cards do not depict animals. 


3. Ribbon 띠 cards are in all months except August and November.  


4. Junk 피 cards appear in all months. Total of 22.


5. Double Junk 쌍피 cards are found in September, November and December.  September 쌍피 card is also an animal 열끗 card.


Step 2a. Practice 1.

(Click "arrows" on bottom right to expand screen.)

Step 2b. Practice 2.

(Click "arrows" on bottom right to expand screen.)




Step 3. Point System

Download the Hwatu Point Syetm PDF here.

Step 4. Play the Game

Link to Google Doc.

Step 6. Learn the Korean technical terms.