About Us

안녕하세요! Annyeong!


The Sino-Korean word or Hanja for “안녕” (Annyeong) is 安寧 which means “peace”.

So this quintessential Korean greeting is wishing you peace at heart.


Hanok = 한옥 = 韩屋 = Korean House

We are a Korean Language school based in Singapore. We offer Korean Language online lessons in a fun, effective and interactive way. Our mission is to make YOU speak Korean. We are determined to be the best digital Korean Language school to help Korean learners all over the world to speak Korean confidently. Our specialty is teaching students all over the world who are living outside Korea to not just know grammar and vocabulary but to speak Korean effectively through our structured online lessons.  


About HANOK Korean Language School

Established in 2010, HANOK Korean Language School has provided thousands of students innovative ways to learn how to read, write and speak Korean. Our syllabus focuses on helping students living outside Korea to speak and communicate effectively in Korean with engaging, fun and easy-to-follow classes for a great learning experience.