Intermediate Level Assessment and Worksheets

안녕하세요 ~ 여러분


  • HANOK Admins will send you the URL of the online assessment.
  • Do complete the test 24 hours before your next class, so the administrators can pass your answers to the teacher. 
  • For smoother workflow, the administrators will only gather the answers and pass to the teacher 1 day before the lesson. Still, we urge students to complete the online assessment once you have the time to do so.
  • The format is slightly different from the offline test.
  • There may be more questions and include Listening questions.
  • The system will calculate your score, but this is not the final score.
  • Your teacher will adjust the score accordingly because the grading for non-MCQs may not be appropriate.
  • Your teacher will go through the contents of the test during the next lesson. 
  • We are working on improving the quality of the questions in the online assessments, kindly be patient.



  • We will deliver the Sogang Textbooks and Workbooks to students.
  • We will not be sending out the worksheets to the students anymore.
  • We encourage students to use the Quizlet app to practice vocabulary and phrases. 
  • Over the years, HANOK has invested time and efforts to put our learning content on Quizlet, we believe they are just as, if not more valuable than the offline materials. Unlike paper materials which students can only do once, students will be able to practice on Quizlet as many times they want to. 
  • We will finding new channels and continue to work on improving our online learning materials for the students. 
  • As for the writing part of the Intermediate worksheets, teachers will require students to submit their writing as and when needed just like in the physical classes.

Do contact us at for any feedback and issues as we learn to progress together through this extraordinary period.


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