Greem Cafe Jeju Korea

제주 그림카페, 'JEJU GREEM CAFÉ - Have you been to a 2D Cafe?



There are many many lovely cafes in Jeju. After running my shopping errands at O’Sulloc, I searched up interesting places nearby and made my way to 제주 그림카페, 'JEJU GREEM CAFÉ . 그림 GREEM here means drawing or pictures, so it is a "Picture Cafe".

제주 그림카페 is located on Level 4 of the Jeju Air and Space Museum (제주항공우주박물관). After entering the main door of the museum head to the elevator and go up to Level 4.

The cafe interior looks like a page out of an old storybook where drawings are hand drawn. I felt like Alice stepping into Wonderland. It is surreal, in a good way.

Greem Cafe Jeju Korea


This 2D atmosphere is created by drawings of black lines on a pure white background. Five professional painters took about a month to create this Immersive Drawing Art to create a unique space and experience. 

‘Jeju Picture Cafe’ is the second official Korean store (2호점) of the first ‘GREEM Cafe’ in  Yeonnam-dong, Seoul. When the latter first opened in 2017, it created quite the media buzz and was even covered by Forbes and CNN. They have also successfully exported this concept to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

 The Jeju branch has something extra you cannot find elsewhere. Not only does the interior looks awe-inspiring, when you look out its windows, you get a view overlooking the O'sulloc green tea field, Sanbangsan, Songaksan, and Marado.

It's quite inspiring to be surrounded by the artworks created by man and nature all at one place.

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